Phil Fountain

Pat DeAngelis
August 28, 2017
Bob Isaacson
August 28, 2017

Phil has over 25 years of blue-chip leadership experience in operations, global human resources and executive development in industry leading organizations. These include Citigroup, American Express and Kraft Foods. Phil distinguished himself in leadership development and coaching. At Citigroup, Phil pioneered an award-winning executive coaching practice for the top 300 executives grounded in a new leadership model aimed at changing the culture of the company.

An important outcome of Phil’s work is positive change in the way important stakeholders perceive a leader’s behavior. Phil is certified in psychometric assessment tools as well as qualitative and quantitative methods of behavioral analysis. In 2014, Phil added a Hay Group certification in emotional/social competency development. As a consultant, Phil applies his deep leadership experience in executive and organizational development to help organizations gain a competitive edge by developing their people.  He has lived and worked both across the U.S. and abroad and understands the various cultural nuances which affect leader development. Representative clients include PJM Interconnect, Cisco, Roche, Teva, Astra Zeneca, Aramark, Citigroup, American Express, DuPont, PJM, DOD, The State Dept., ESPN, The NFL, The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and two global non-profits, among others.

Phil is a West Point Graduate with a BS degree in Engineering and holds an MA with distinction in Global Strategy from the U.S. Army War College. As a former senior military leader and pilot, Phil has successfully led large, dispersed operational units, flown over 5,000 hours and holds a commercial jet rating. He is an Executive Board member of Healing the Children and The West Point Society of Philadelphia.