Competency Based Talent Strategy

Working with Board on CEO Selection Process
December 21, 2016
Organizational Culture Change
December 21, 2016

Case Study: Competency Based Talent Strategy

Client: Public sector utility

Client Situation

Large public utility was facing potential insolvency and was struggling with significant leadership issues.

Prior to the recent appointment of a new CEO, there had been a series of 8 CEOs in 10 years.

50% of the workforce would be retirement eligible in the next 5 years, including 18 of 20 members of the senior leadership team.

The leaders sought a partner to help them navigate significant culture change associated with a revamping of their talent acquisition and talent management process.

CCI Approach

CCI facilitated a survey to gain empirical data as well as qualitative data that would focus and drive the process.

We developed a competency based assessment and talent management process and facilitated the rollout throughout the organization.

The change management process was supported with individual coaching, team development, and quarterly working sessions with the senior leadership team.

A series of affinity groups were organized to engage the entire organization in the process.

Client Outcome

Turnover was stabilized and new knowledge transfer processes ensured smooth transition during turnovers.

Members of the leadership team were able to work together to drive a successful financial turnaround.

As a result of the changes, the Human Resources Department was named HR Department of the Year by the local HR community.

Improved performance by members of the sales and marketing team won them recognition and an award from an industry association.