Providing Momentum™ for career transitions

Momentum™ is a powerful, internet-based dashboard that guides the transitioning employee through the process of finding a new job or starting a business. It is the most results-oriented and versatile personal transition program in use today.


The PowerMyCareer™ portal provides in-depth resources to conduct a job search. It has links to the hottest job search sites as well as a direct feed of job leads customized to the individual’s personal search criteria and proven job search resources tailored to specific industries, professions and geographies.

Using PowerMyCareer™, participants can work from anywhere, at any time, progressing at their own pace, controlling their own schedule, and maintaining the critical momentum needed to identify and achieve their job search objectives.

The interactive dashboard, which can be customized to user preferences, offers educational content about employment and access to a variety of useful tools. The self-assessment tool identifies strengths, interests, and career goals, giving the individual a strong foundation on which to develop a personal marketing campaign. The resume builder tool challenges participants to create a resume that will uniquely position them among the competition.

Entrepreneur Momentum™

The Entrepreneur Momentum™ portal helps individuals who might want to start their own business navigate the landscape of entrepreneurship. With a broad array of tools and resources, this innovative portal first assists users in determining whether entrepreneurship is an appropriate career path.

Using Momentum™, individuals can identify which type of business best fits with their goals. They can then create comprehensive business plans that include go-to-market strategies.

Through access to private databases and third-party resources containing information on venture capital and private-equity firms, users can identify appropriate financing options.

Are there online tools to ease career transition?

CCI offers online tools and resources that help transitioning employees maintain the momentum critical to their success. Call CCI about Momentum™ at 1-800-214-7537 or 610-941-4455.