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Leading People Through Uncharted Waters

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waves of water with reflection of sunlight

Several clients have reached out asking what they can do to support their employees during this difficult and confusing time. Not every organization uses team technology nor does team technology get back to the basics.

Our bad habits are on full display as we begin to see the damaging impact of searching for true information on untrusted sites or relying on social media to inform us of something so critical as our health and safety. Now is not only the time to spot (sorry for the oxymoron) real fake news, but it is also the time to increase personal discipline. Please remind people to FIRST access their local district information and SECOND the website. Local responders are moving quickly right now.

Here are critically important tips to assist individuals and managers as they swim in uncharted waters.
Establish Discipline
  • Set a schedule – wake up at the same time each day and instill this in your children.
  • Schedule “standing” meetings with the team. These should be held at the same time, so people have a schedule to manage.
  • If members of your team have young children home from school, take the time to ask them when it would be most convenient to check in since now, they have two fulltime jobs.
Get “Closer”
  • Schedule virtual coffees. These are opportunities to connect in real time and keep colleagues connected to work and projects.
  • Set individual calls to touch base with teams, clients, and managers so build continuity so work does not fall behind or get disconnected.
  • When people feel disoriented or discouraged, help them to focus on what they can control.
  • Reassure people that they are not alone.
Go to the “Mindset” Gym
  • Help yourself and those you manage identify opportunities and not challenges.
  • Demonstrate confidence that you will be there, everyone is in this together, and the organization will get through this uncertain time.
  • Don’t be a pie-in-the-sky optimist. This is a time for objectivity with a dose of positivity.
  • Remain flexible with others! This is the time to adapt your style and approach and meet people where they are.
  • Be flexible in your own head! Continuously generate new ideas and approaches for how you and others can respond to this changing environment.
Take Good Self-Care
  • Create regular opportunities to move. Exercise as simple as a walk around the block each hour will prevent other issues brought on from a sedentary experience.
  • Eat at structured intervals to ward off over-eating or grazing out of boredom.
  • Find humor. Think about ways to bring on laughter. There are great websites of truly funny jokes and stories, or videos to prompt an authentic response.
  • Breathe…

Adena Johnston, D. Mgt.
Vice President & Practice Leader, Talent Development
CCI Consulting


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