What are you doing to promote Employee Engagement?

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August 16, 2016
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Employee engagement is the cognitive and emotional connection an employee has to the organization and the organization’s goals. Twenty nine studies by various organizations over the past five years have found direct correlations between engagement and critical outcomes such as customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, productivity, quality, safety rates and financial results.

Engaged employees are:

  • Passionate and enthusiastic about their work
  • Devoted to getting the job done right
  • Immersed fully in the task at hand
  • Driven to do whatever it takes to complete the task

Engaged employees are more likely to:

  • Promote the company
  • Remain with the organization / resist outside distractions
  • Positively influence those around them
  • Identify and solve problems
  • Put their “all” into everything they do


Not surprisingly, these same studies found that employees stay with their organizations when they believe it is in their self-interest, but they exert discretionary effort when they believe in the value of their job, their team, or their organization.


In today’s business environment, organizations are trying to manage growth, cost, and risk in the face of ever changing economies, market instability, increased regulation, shifting demographics, etc. Business leaders understand and appreciate the link between engagement and outcomes such as profit, retention, and job satisfaction. Yet, few HR leaders believe their organizations are effective at engaging their workforce.

At CCI, we help organizations assess their current level of employee engagement through our survey tool while enhancing engagement via a wide array of our talent development programs and initiatives.  If you are interested in learning more about our survey tool or talent development programs, reach out to info@cciconsulting.com


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