CPI Webinar Series: Workplace Civility on a Continuum – Recording and Quick Reference Guide

Access a Recording of Our Webinar on Workplace Civility on a Continuum

While most employees feel that the #MeToo movement is healthy, of those surveyed only 1/3 have seen significant changes in their organizations. In our world today, this complex subject continues to be front of mind for employers and employees, changing the dynamics and cultures of many organizations. Recognizing the inherent power imbalances that exist side-by-side throughout organizations, we are all challenged to strive for a respectful and fair workplace where all voices can be heard.

As part of our firm’s co-ownership in Career Partners International (CPI), we hosted a webinar titled “Positive Workplace Behavior: Civility on a Continuum.” The webinar was led by Gary Cormier of Harvard University and explored the business case for workplace civility as well as the implications of incivility.

During the webinar, Gary discussed how to recognize uncivil, appropriate/negative or bullying behaviors in your workplace and what you can do to mitigate them. He also provided ways to make civility part of your organization’s overall culture. Below is a quick reference guide from the webinar with tips for creating a civil workplace.

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Quick Reference Guide: Workplace Civility On a Continuum

Civility is:

1. Treating others in the best way, thereby urging them to do the same in return.
2. Knowing all our actions have consequences.
3. Anticipating these consequences before we act.
4. Considering the rights and inclusiveness of others.

Workplace Behaviors








Set the tone to establish a positive work environment. A lack of respect hurts morale and the bottom line for any organization; however, there are proven benefits to an organization when civil behavior is commonplace. Without clear expectations on what constitutes acceptable behavior, small things can easily escalate into bigger things, on a continuum of incivility, workplace bullying, and inappropriate conduct.

Creating a Civil Workplace

• Create a Vision – Have a conversation about what respectful treatment means.
• Make the Case – Share how incivility is detrimental to an organization and its mission.
• Establish Core Values – Show how civility ties to team values.
• Reference Policies and Code of Conduct – Explain how incivility creates legal risks.

Continuum of Workplace Incivility











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