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Values – The Core to Endurance and Resilience

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tiny white flower breaking through cement - resilience and endurance

tiny white flower breaking through cement - resilience and endurance


A couple of years ago, we rewrote our mission statement:

“We believe people are the key to an organization’s competitive advantage. Our mission is to help organizations leverage the full potential of their people and navigate the ever-changing world of work.”

Certainly, we did not consider how ever-changing our world of work would be. As we realize a year in quarantine and working remotely, it is time to reflect, “What got us through?”

When we worked as a group to put meaning behind our mission, we further articulated our values. We agreed that to cultivate trust, four basic values should guide our behavior in all aspects of our business. Those values are: Relationships, Commitment, Integrity, Collaboration.

What a year of separation has taught us is:

  • That the Relationships that we have formed over the years are strong and grounded in trust. Our employees have worked through both professional and personal challenges to satisfy the demands of their family and our business. Our relationships are now stronger because we know and understand each other on a different level. Our clients are loyal, and we are grateful. Generating creative solutions aimed to aid in their success and growth affirms that our value of relationships is an anchor to our mutual success.
  • That our Commitment to our clients, each other and to ourselves holds us equally accountable to achieve results and gain progress. We remain dedicated to our commitment to enhance quality, driving personal and organizational results.
  • That our Integrity grounds us. We keep our promises to our clients to treat their employees, their issues, and their strategies with respect and discretion. We respect and accept people for who and where they are. We don’t judge, we include.
  • That Collaboration is the glue that binds us. We make each other better and, in doing so, share our knowledge, innovation, and solutions with our clients. We recognize that working together promotes personal and organizational life-long learning.

Our core values and mission look great on glossy paper but look amazing when lived each day by the team at CCI. Through a pandemic, social and political unrest, and business uncertainty, our values guide us to endure and remain the strong team and organization that defines CCI.

Sharon Imperiale
CCI Consulting



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