Using Twitter for a Job Search – Part 1

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January 23, 2014
Using Twitter for a Job Search – Part 2
March 10, 2014

TweetMembership in Twitter is growing exponentially and with this popularity comes more uses of this social media tool in job search. Individuals in Career Transition are using Twitter to find jobs.  Employers and recruiters are increasingly using Twitter to find people to hire. Adding Twitter to your toolbox of job search strategies can be a wise decision.

In this 3-part series, we will share with you the following simple actions and concepts:

  • How to set up a Twitter Profile.
  • Who to Follow on Twitter and how to increase your followers.
  • How to Tweet, When to Tweet, and What to Tweet.

Set up a Twitter Profile

After logging onto and establishing an account, the first step is to establish a profile.  As with any job search scenario, the main objective is to portray a professional/marketable image. The same can be applied to Twitter. First impression is everything; therefore, a polished Twitter profile is crucial. Below are a few easy steps to achieve this by “Editing your Profile”:

  • Acquire a Twitter “handle” (username) that is professional and business-like. The public will repeatedly view the name you choose—if you utilize Twitter effectively—so select wisely. Advice: If your First/Last name is available, that is the best bet.
  • Upload a profile picture. This too, must be professional. Simply leaving the generic Twitter image (the dreaded egg) conveys a lack of knowledge for Twitter. Provide a practical photo of yourself, perhaps appearing in a business setting of your discipline—similar to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Enter an accurate Location. If you live in a small town, use the closest metropolitan area.
  • Provide a link to a website of personal substance. Examples include a personalized website, your blog, your Facebook profile or, even better, a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Focus on your bio. Arguably, the most important aspect of your profile, the bio is vital to the job search. It requires you to be concise (limited to 160 characters) and effective with your words. In essence, enter your “mission” here; describe yourself in a manner that will make you attractive to employers. Incorporate #hashtags of your skills and the industry you’re seeking to make your profile easily searchable and obtainable.
  • Connect to Facebook. This straightforward feature will aid in increasing your Followers while impacting the “reach” of your Tweets.
  • Edit the ‘Design.’ The less generic your profile appears, the more effective it will be. Choose an appropriate background for your Twitter page that depicts the image of a potential job candidate.

Work on setting up your profile based on the above steps.  Part 2 of this series will provide advice on who you should “Follow” on Twitter as well as how to increase your “Followers.” You are now that much closer to having Twitter aid you in your Career Transition!

Michael Cuff
Director, Client Services
CCI Consulting

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