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Career Development & Transition

Retain and engage your employees by helping them grow with you

In most organizations, the most valued employees are high achievers who exhibit energy and drive for professional growth. If they don’t see a career path and receive the leadership coaching that will allow them to realize their full potential, many will look elsewhere for opportunities. Consider that:

  • 87% of millennials and 69% of others rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important in a job. (Gallop, 2016)
  • Retention is 3x higher when employees see opportunity for internal career mobility. (CCI Consulting, 2018)
  • 9 in 10 employees are open to new career opportunities and 67% might be actively seeking them right now. (LinkedIn, 2017)

At CCI Consulting, we believe organizations maintain a competitive advantage when they deliver unique and innovative internal career development programs that not only support and nurture early careerists, but also offer options for career development throughout their tenure.

How CCI helps employers provide career development for workplace redeployment

We work with organizations to implement tailored internal career mobility paths that provide the structure, time, and resources for employees to engage in reflective career exploration. Through this process, participants:

  • Become more engaged and more likely to stay and grow with your organization
  • Enhance awareness about what they need to maximize their growth within the organization
  • Gain greater confidence in their personal value and potential within the organization
  • Develop a personal plan for approaching internal career mobility opportunities that align with their career goals

Impact of career development

By providing your employees with internal talent mobility plans, you will be addressing and supporting your employees’ desire for ongoing growth and development, while also creating an environment where employees demonstrate greater commitment to team and organizational goals and drive their own performance. Additionally, employees who are on a path toward workforce redeployment are more likely to innovate, share what they know and coach others, exhibit stronger customer service, and maintain a positive outlook.

CCI Consulting has been creating internal talent mobility programs for companies of all sizes for over thirty years. Contact CCI to learn how we can use this approach to create customized career development and career management programs for your organization.