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Defining, communicating, and executing organizational strategy

Strategic workforce planning is a focusing effort that helps organizations clarify and define what they are looking to achieve.

Defining goals and priorities helps align organizational focus and determines how resources will be deployed. Creating a corporate level strategy provides a clear purpose and focus, helping align the efforts of employees and other stakeholders on common goals and outcomes.

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At its core, strategic workforce planning is based on addressing three key questions:

  • Where are we now?

  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we get there?

Simple questions, but the answers are as varied and nuanced as there are organizations thinking about them. The commonality across all organizations is that achieving different outcomes requires a willingness to do things differently.

Frame Your Horizons, Execute Your Plan, and Achieve Your Goal

Rarely does real change occur in big bursts. More often, change sticks when small efforts are attempted, acknowledged, reinforced, and repeated. CCI Consulting’s “Three Horizons” approach helps clients translate a corporate level strategy into an easy-to-communicate roadmap that links today’s and tomorrow’s actions to long-term goals. Putting context around the plan, pacing the effort, and setting interim goals helps increase commitment, improve the effectiveness of implementation, and increases the likelihood of achieving strategic goals.

The Business Impact of Effective Executive Coaching

  • 96% Satisfaction rate among leaders receiving coaching
  • 94% Felt better equipped to be a leader as a result of coaching
  • 97% Were able to build rapport, trust, and a good working relationship with their coach

(Aggregate survey feedback from participants of CCI Consulting’s Executive Coaching, 2000 – 2019)


96% Satisfaction rate among leaders receiving coaching


94% Felt better equipped to be a leader as a result of coaching


97% Were able to build rapport, trust, and relationship with their coach

A Practical Approach to Strategic Planning

At CCI Consulting, we believe an organization’s ability to achieve its business strategy is predicated on mobilizing the talent required to successfully execute the strategy. Since the people side of the equation may well be the single most important element that differentiates an organization from the competition, our strategic planning consultants focus on helping clients align their people strategy with business strategy.

CCI Consulting’s approach to strategic corporate planning is designed to create a well-constructed plan that can be easily communicated and cascaded throughout the organization. Our strategic planning consultants recognize that for the plan to be effective, it is critical to translate the vision and strategy into a detailed discussion about goals, expectations, and required actions. This critical component aligns and focuses individual and collective efforts throughout the organization and makes the plan actionable by all.

From Strategy Formation to Execution, CCI Consulting Can Help

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Case Studies


A world class technology services organization was experiencing a leadership restructure in the Information Technology Group and had a critical need for combined talent management services. They retained CCI Consulting to conduct an executive search to identify and secure a progressive Information Technology Leader as well as provide Career Transition support to their outgoing IT leader. Within our client’s structure, the IT leader plays an instrumental role in optimizing the partnership of the IT Organization with the business.  The client was seeking a dynamic and proven industry professional who would lead the planning and implementation of enterprise information systems, aligning and exploiting technology for the advantage of the organization to lead the digital age. The role needed a visionary who was grounded in state-of-the-art technology; a leader committed to collaborative relationships; a business partner who was passionate about creating pragmatic solutions; and a mentor and coach who inspires others to continually improve, create, and innovate.


After conducting a thorough intake session with the client that identified the experience, competencies, motivation, and cultural fit necessary for success, CCI mapped out a national search strategy.  Our research initiative “mapped the market,” identifying companies of similar industry and complexity and individuals whose backgrounds closely aligned with the client’s specification. A comprehensive outreach campaign followed, which included marketing and networking the opportunity to engage the right candidates. We provided compelling information about the company and opportunity along with career management guidance.  Seriously interested candidates were then carefully assessed against all factors for success to assure they met or exceeded our client’s need.


Through a collaborative partnership with our client and our internal team’s focused efforts, CCI successfully completed the search within the client’s aggressive hiring timeline. Within a six-week period, the initial slate of candidates was fully vetted and introduced to the client.  The hired candidate was a candidate in this initial group. After successfully securing their IT leader, CCI was retained to attract and secure three additional leaders, (VP, Marketing; VP, Commercial Business; and VP, Litigation and Employment Law), all of which had successful outcomes.


A dynamic and growing private equity-owned, multi-site health services organization needed to identify the successor for a highly regarded, long-term member of the leadership team. Within their shared leadership culture, they needed a true strategic business partner to take a sophisticated approach to building organization leadership. The Chief Human Resources Officer needed to be capable of developing technical expertise in key areas of human resources; advancing HR programs and objectives that maximize the investment in employees; and aligning HR initiatives with the organization’s financial and operational goals. The role required a proven, insightful, collaborative, and empathic human resources leader committed to developing a high-performing and engaged workforce amongst the client’s nearly one thousand employees. The incumbent CHRO had provided a firm retirement date and our work needed to align with that established timeline.


CCI partnered with the senior leadership team to gain consensus on the targeted candidate profile, which included having either “first-chair” HR experience; or “second-chair” experience if they operated autonomously.  While the client would have considered a promising, high-potential candidate, the challenges of the role required a proven leader who could step right in. Through a collaborative approach, it was agreed that the search would not only focus on the healthcare services sector but also other industry experience we felt was transferrable. We conducted a national search with primarily a local or regional focus. Candidates with a broad range of experience were identified and contacted.  Through a comprehensive assessment process, we narrowed the candidate pool to not only the most qualified but also the most likely to thrive and succeed in the role and environment.


A shortlist of candidates was submitted within the anticipated six-week timeline and candidates moved through to final interviews.  At the conclusion, there were reservations about candidate style and alignment with the private equity leadership team and additional candidates were desired. We proficiently delivered another full slate of candidates for consideration. Six were interviewed and two finalists emerged, making a tough decision for the client. The selected candidate accepted the offer which we had pre-closed.  The start date was more than a month before the retirement date of the incumbent and a smooth transition of HR leadership occurred. The client was very pleased with both the outcome and the collaborative partnership we provided.   The hired candidate provided 20 years of experience in varied industries, including the healthcare, hospitality, and services sectors, and had successful experience in entrepreneurial settings, which fit well with the private equity leadership team and organizational direction.

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