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Workforce Pulse Check Survey

Gain the insights you need to support and retain your people during COVID-19 and beyond

Understanding how your employees are feeling right now has never been more important.

supporting employees during Covid-19The ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is tremendously disrupting the way that we work. Employees are working remotely while having their lifestyles shift to also balance family responsibilities, childcare, and the challenges associated with working from home. Organizations are moving rapidly to stay afloat, develop new lines of business, and think creatively. Amid these business changes, health and wellbeing have become intricately tied into the employee experience in a brand-new way. To that end, it is important that a continuous feedback mechanism exists so that employees feel connected with their teams, managers, and organizations.

Prompt, accurate feedback to help you manage and support your team during a crisis

CCI’s Workforce Pulse Check Survey is specifically designed to assess employee sentiment and understand how people feel about the company’s response to an emergency situation or crisis, such as COVID-19. The survey can be tailored to suit employees in different roles and situations, including those working from home and those working in the office.

CCI’s Workforce Pulse Check Survey allows leaders to:

  • Gain insight into the experience of their employees
  • Monitor employee experience and sentiment as the crisis situation evolves via biweekly or monthly pulses
  • Understand concerns and challenges as well as opportunities and successes
  • Make informed decisions on the next steps the company should take

While every survey is customized to meet your needs, the questions are intended to address areas such as:

  • Employee morale and well-being
  • Communication and awareness
  • Business continuity
  • Planning for the return to the office

Our expert team will aggregate the quantitative feedback and the theme analysis on qualitative feedback to identify strengths and areas of potential concern. You’ll receive a full report with insights into the degree to which issues and concerns vary across the organization.

Let Us Help You Support Your People

In times of crisis or emergency, employee well-being, connectedness and resilience is tested. We can set you up quickly to find out what your employees need most right now. Contact us today to get started!