Risk Mitigation and Compliance

Identifying compliance issues and mitigating risk

CCI conducts Human Resource Audits that identify compliance issues and mitigate risk. After conducting the audit, we provide a checklist of areas where legal requirements are not being met. But our audits greatly exceed those basic expectations.

Using our comprehensive audit tool, we conduct a thorough organizational needs assessment, including an evaluation of management practices. At the conclusion of our HR Audit, you receive an action plan that specifies the steps required to comply with applicable laws.

We also suggest strategies to address areas in need of improvement. This could be anything from onboarding to performance management to employee classification to policies and procedures.

Our Summary of Findings provides an overview of the organization’s current exposures and the resources needed to bring it into compliance, with focus on:

  • Best Practices: Comparing current practices with those of companies identified as having exceptional HR practices
  • Compliance: Measuring adherence against current federal, state, and local laws and regulations
  • Operational: Addressing weaknesses in HR functional areas, e.g., recruiting, performance management, leave administration
  • Strategic: Evaluating HR goals and objectives as well as alignment with the company’s strategic plan

Third Party HR Investigations

At times employers are faced with an internal employee complaint, an accusation, a serious rumor requiring attention or alleged employee misconduct. A complaint may also come through an external source, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

These situations require an investigation to gather facts, interview parties, review documents, sort out the details and then summarize findings to assist the employer. Contracting with an independent third party to conduct the investigation signals to the staff that their employer is concerned with providing fair and objective treatment for all employees.

CCI’s HR Consultants have the skills and experience to conduct any internal investigation you may need.

Human Resources On-Call

CCI’s HR On-Call provides organizations of all sizes with direct access to HR consultants who have the expertise to quickly and accurately address questions and concerns.

Even the most experienced HR professionals occasionally face a question they need help to answer. Legal advice may be cost prohibitive and may not even be what is needed.

Small and mid-sized organizations with limited or no internal HR expertise find that our team of senior HR consultants has the breadth and depth of experience to be an ideal resource. We understand the urgency of their questions, as well as the need to provide answers that translate jargon into clear, actionable language.

HR On-Call is an affordable and reliable service that provides thorough answers within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the complexity of the issue.

The types of questions we have answered include:

  • “What do we do if an employee refuses to sign a handbook acknowledgement and/or crosses off the at-will statement?”
  • “Can we perform a background check on someone who has already been an employee for over three years?”
  • “We received an inquiry from the Department of Labor. One of our employees filed a complaint about not receiving overtime. What should we do?”

Concerned you may not be fully compliant?

CCI’s HR Audit will identify compliance issues and point the way to best practices, policies, and procedures. Call CCI about HR consulting at 1-800-214-7537 or 610-941-4455.

Sample Risk Mitigation and Compliance Engagements

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