Tom Dyer

Suzanne Perry
August 28, 2017
Douglas Allen
Douglas Allen
September 20, 2017

Tom Dyer, Executive Coach, brings to CCI over 20 years of experience assisting executives and teams in producing tangible results through the elevation of their collaboration capabilities.  His skill in facilitating executives and teams through challenges both internal and external, allows their natural talents to surface.

When this happens with the focus of a shared goal, the results are impressive. He has the ability to align, motivate, and guide executives into greater self-management and works closely to help these leaders unleash their potential. Tom’s collaboration with his clients allows them to become more effective in critical areas that support the accomplishment of objectives that drive the business.

In addition to his work in executive coaching and consulting, Tom has assisted the HBA Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association in creating and launching their Mentoring Program.