Rachel Medvin, Psy.D.

Marlyn Kalitan
April 20, 2016
Andrea Thomas Merrick
April 20, 2016

As Director for Executive Coaching and Assessments, Rachel partners with individuals to provide guidance and strategies to meet their personal and professional goals. Her key areas of expertise include talent development through a strengths-focused, values-oriented lens; executive assessment; and thought leadership. Rachel brings a fresh perspective and coaching strength to CCI and the clients we serve. Specialties include coaching women, emerging leaders, and high-potential leaders.

Prior to joining CCI Consulting, Rachel specialized in leadership development, particularly executive assessment and coaching. Initially trained in clinically psychology, Rachel translated her knowledge and expertise toward developing the potential of individual leaders; she integrates the work that she does holistically and within the context of the client company. Much of her focus in recent years has been on thought leadership, including developing evidence-based research on leadership behavior and the utility of telepresence technology for coaching.

Known for her dynamic professional style and creative approach for working with clients, Rachel thrives on helping individuals to assess and understand their strengths and alignment with their goals and values. She uses assessments to provide insight and clarity to individuals and teams, in order to assist leaders in leveraging increased self-awareness into personal and professional achievement. Rachel is trained in both mindfulness and emotional intelligence, and how these constructs can be used to enhance leadership capacities.

Rachel holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, both from Widener University. She is trained and qualified to administer a wide range of executive development and career-related assessments. She is an active member of the Society for Consulting Psychology and has presented at national conferences on a variety of topics. In addition to consulting, Rachel is a member of the executive board for a Baltimore-based non-profit organization and spends time mentoring graduate students from several universities.