Marjorie Rio

Cindy Nichter
June 1, 2017
Kathy Bonanni
June 6, 2017

As part of the Client Service Support team, Marjorie aids all practices with administrative needs such as reporting, onboarding, mailings, binders, copying, reception desk, conference calls, scheduling office space, and assisting with office equipment. Additionally, she assists with IT issues, including managing help tickets, and overseeing hardware and software. She also aids the support of the telephone system.

In her role supporting the Talent Development practice, Marjorie is the administrator for DiSC, ASSESS, KF360, Profilor, MBTI, TKI, Hogan, and EQ. She completes the set-up, maintenance, reporting, and downloading of the final output. Throughout the process, she communicates directly with the Coach, and occasionally the client. Marjorie also has experience with international and domestic Employee Engagement Surveys using Survey Monkey.

Prior to joining CCI Consulting, Marjorie worked in the market research field for 20 years as the Manager of Sampling and IT. Market research provided her with some basic skills needed to work with the assessment team at CCI. She also has 10 years’ experience as a Customer Service Representative in the specialty field of Equine Insurance, managing approximately 30 accounts monthly.

Marjorie is known for her organizational skills, dependability, her excellent ability to manage her fluctuating work flow and meeting deadlines. She has strong documentation skills and has created instructions for many IT procedures, as well as documenting all assessment processes for the Talent Development practice. Marjorie has a talent for understanding a situation, identifying problems, and providing excellent solutions.