Charlie Carr

Charles Dormer
August 28, 2017
Deena Benner
August 28, 2017

Charlie is an experienced executive coach and specializes in helping motivated business professionals maximize their potential for achieving top performance; bringing a substantial range of leadership skills gained over three decades of industry experience. During his career, Charlie has managed sales teams from ten to one hundred persons, as well as serving in sales roles himself. Highly experienced leading within matrix-structured organizations, Charlie appreciates how leaders must possess the capacity for exerting positional authority, leading individuals and teams through influence and persuasion, and demonstrate the ability to implement strategy and deliver results within complex and challenging business environments.

As a business consultant and professional coach, Charlie has been responsible for delivery of a broad range of leadership and training solutions to healthcare and technology clients in the areas of personal growth, leadership competencies, customer focused selling and business acumen. He develops and delivers leadership programs supporting middle and senior level management, coaches around 360 skills assessments, and supports the leadership development of senior level managers and high potential leadership bench candidates.

Charlie is a certified integral coach and active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) of Philadelphia. He continues to further develop his coaching competencies and effectiveness through continuing education with ICF and leading coach training programs in the U.S.