Bob Isaacson

Phil Fountain
August 28, 2017
Steve Husband
August 28, 2017

Bob has over 30 years’ experience coaching and consulting with C-level officers, corporate executives and managers, management teams, former military officers, and business owners, helping them to be powerful, results-oriented, empathic leaders and team builders.

The co-founder of Full Circle Solutions in Narberth, PA, Bob uses the power of Emotional Intelligence and motivational psychology to tap into what motivates and engages leaders to help them unlock their true potential and build their teams. His background as a behavioral healthcare expert and clinical social worker give him a deep understanding about how to facilitate personal and organizational change.

Bob has high-level business experience as the former co-owner and president of Access Behavioral Care, a healthcare provider network in Philadelphia. Also, he is an adjunct professor in Immaculata University’s Organizational Leadership Master’s Program and at Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate School of Social Work & Social Research.

Bob is the designer of Leadership Engagement©, a leader development program, as well as the co-creator of TEAM A B Cs©, a team building and workplace engagement method.

“Everyone needs a voice in the room at work, needs to be influential and listened to,” Bob says. “This promotes workplace engagement and commitment to a company’s vision and goals.  And that, in turn, leads to increased productivity, top line revenue growth and bottom line profitability.”