Arlene Magargal

Bill McCann
April 27, 2017
Cindy Nichter
June 1, 2017

As Manager of Career Transition Client Services, Arlene facilitates professional relationships between experienced consultants and participants seeking career transition coaching and new job opportunities.  With a commitment to developing client relationships, Arlene’s approach is to identify requirements and determine solutions.  She has a reputation for streamlining processes and improving both internal and client outcomes.

Previously, she managed the background screening process for a large, international client within the CCI HR Consulting practice by collaborating with recruiters, candidates, customer support and management for this client’s needs.  The adjudication of hundreds of candidates was accomplished by systematically analyzing and verifying education, employment and reviewing criminal/drug screen reports.

Prior to joining CCI Consulting, Arlene served in an administrative leadership role for the Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce. Partnering with the Board of Directors in a nonprofit setting, she promoted the mission of the organization and identified new business-related opportunities within the community.  She has been an advocate for economic development facilitating introductions of business leaders, governmental officials and service organization representatives.  During the recent economic downturn, she was instrumental in enabling the organization to maintain its brand and community presence.

Arlene demonstrates strong project management skills, a lifelong interest in adapting to new technology, resulting in budgetary savings, productivity and corporate presence. She is known for her calm demeanor and empathy, especially when communicating with clients dealing with difficult circumstances.