Organizational Structure Resource Analysis

On-site Human Resources
January 6, 2017

Case Study: Organizational Structure Resource Analysis

Client: Bi-state Transportation Agency

Client Situation

A quasi-governmental transportation agency was in need of organizational restructuring and compensation redesign.

The agency requested a complete review of job descriptions, a market analysis of salaries and benefits, a new salary structure, a policy review, a performance management system review, an organizational structure review, and development of a strategic staffing and succession plan.

CCI Approach

New job descriptions were drafted by CCI for all non-union employees. CCI conducted a comprehensive compensation analysis which included market pricing, new salary grades and job redesigns.

Position descriptions were updated to ensure an accurate reflection of tasks, skills and education required to perform jobs. The reviews included an FLSA analysis.

CCI benchmarked and evaluated positions with regard to base salary and developed a new salary structure. CCI also performed a competitive benefit analysis.

Detailed recommendations were provided by CCI for performing a policy review, a performance management system review, and an organization structure review.

Client Outcome

CCI made recommendations for the reorganization of several departments and developed a customized benefits survey that was distributed to sister agencies.

A detailed strategic staffing plan was developed and provided by CCI to support the attraction and retention of employees.

The client received a detailed project report conducted by CCI.