Organizational Culture Change

Competency Based Talent Strategy
December 21, 2016
Frontline Leadership Development
December 20, 2016

Case Study: Organizational Culture Change

Client: Mid-sized healthcare service company

Client Situation

New CEO and VP of HR needed to change the leadership culture to better align with market demands and to develop leaders.

Goals: Drive a culture change from corporate command-and-control to more localized decision making.

Target audience was managers, frontline supervisors, and high potential management prospects.

 Needed a real-world business training approach that would provide actionable learning.

CCI Approach

CCI designed a customized course of interactive sessions to improve essential management skills and to connect the skills to real business situations and company operations.

The course was delivered multiple times, in six single-day sessions, one per month over a six month period.

Participants of the course were provided with new tools and techniques they could use immediately, driving changes to company culture while improving employee engagement.

Client Outcome

More than 60 managers completed the course over a two-year period.

 A clear understanding was gained of the difference between a leader and a manager.

The CEO described the course as “a key tool in facilitating a culture change from command-and-control to more localized decision making.”

Participants were able to successfully pass on to their direct reports the tools, techniques and lessons they had learned.