Compensation Support

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January 6, 2017
Employee Compliance
January 6, 2017

Case Study: Compensation Support

Client: Privately-Held Food Manufacturer

Client Situation

A food manufacturer with 880 company-owned sales routes had been experiencing significant growth organically and through acquisition.

Challenges included high turnover, new geographic territories, and the need to attract quality employees for sales routes.

The company also expressed interest in developing a compensation philosophy and a more structured approach to overall compensation including pay bands and guidelines for salary actions company-wide.

CCI Approach

Based on input from the client, CCI created survey parameters and survey specifics, closely matching the geography.

For best results, CCI utilized two salary survey databases, Economic Research Institute (ERI) and CompAnalyst for market data.

 CCI delivered survey results showing company location, survey locations, median and mean salary (market value) of each location, and survey incentive percent of base.

Client Outcome

From the survey results, CCI provided recommendations for overall route sales, individual positions and compensation philosophy aligned with their strategic business objectives.

Potential compliance risks and fines were reduced through implementation of standard processes related to hiring and onboarding.

With a more open compensation structure, turnover was reduced.