Coaching A New Leader

Coaching To Improve Performance
December 19, 2016

Case Study: Coaching A New Leader

Client Situation

Sandy was a high performing scientist recently promoted to a project management leadership role in a major pharmaceutical company.

Members of her new team complained that Sandy tended to micro manage, had trouble listening, and lacked empathy for the competing demands on the team.

Recognizing that Sandy’s background was critical to the success of the project, her manager hired CCI to address his concerns about Sandy’s leadership style as well as her inability to meet deadlines consistently.

CCI Approach

The CCI coach quickly increased Sandy’s self-awareness through self-reported information, anecdotal examples, and the use of a 360° assessment.

An action plan was created by Sandy’s coach to help her focus on the immediate changes she needed to make to improve her credibility.

Through coaching, Sandy become more proactive, set realistic expectations on deliverables, and led more motivational and inclusive meetings.

Client Outcome

Sandy became more open and her professional growth improved significantly.

Sandy’s manager noted improvement in her ability to meet deadlines and demonstrate better project management skills.

Co-workers and peers commented that her active listening skills improved interpersonal interactions.

 The team’s performance improved because Sandy’s leadership increased the motivation and engagement level of her project team.