Spouse/Partner Employment Support

Assisting loved one’s job search enhances offer

As top candidates consider acceptance of a job offer in a new location, the impact on a spouse or partner’s career can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. CCI’s Spouse/Partner Employment Support provides career transition coaching to help the spouse or partner successfully acclimate to a new location, launch his or her job search, and quickly secure employment. Including this support in the package enhances the job offer and confirms the commitment of the hiring organization to the candidate and his or her family.

Accelerate the Job Search for the Spouse/Partner

It can be stressful for a spouse or partner to move and navigate the job market in a new location. CCI has proven success in providing customized career transition services to meet the relocating spouse or partner’s unique needs. Our consultants work with the spouse or partner to create and execute a targeted job search strategy aligned with his or her goals. More than 95% of surveyed clients report that CCI meets or exceeds expectations for career transition support.

Support Successful Onboarding

Spouse or partner dissatisfaction due to relocation can negatively impact the candidate’s future with the company. It can even result in an unsuccessful hire. The candidate can focus on a successful integration knowing that their spouse or partner has career transition support from CCI.

CCI’s Partner/Spouse Employment Support includes:

  • Creation of a customized job search strategy and action plan targeted to the new geographic location and aligned with the objectives of the spouse or partner
  • Assessment to match the spouse or partner with the appropriate CCI Consultant
  • Access to CCI’s extensive local network to create opportunities and connect with target employers
  • One-on-one career coaching throughout the process
  • Robust technology tools and resources to support all aspects of the job search, from assessment through negotiation
  • Customized consulting for resume review, personal branding, networking, leveraging social media, interviewing, and negotiation skills

Hiring half of a two-career couple?

Your chances of landing that key executive increase when you provide career transition support for a relocating spouse or partner . Call CCI about spouse/partner employment support at 1-800-214-7537 or 610-941-4455.