Interim Staffing

CCI is positioned to provide HR resource professionals on an as-needed-basis capable of fully assuming responsibility for delivering numerous HR business initiatives.

Your CCI Consulting Human Resources Consultant will possess the professional business skills, compliance expertise and generalist HR experience necessary to meet the demanding requirements of your organization.

Our interim staffing solution is ideal when you need a Human Resources professional to:

  • Fill-in for an employee on leave
  • Cover a vacant position(s) until filled
  • Lead or support a specific project
  • Augment your current Human Resource staff during a busy period
  • Set-up Human Resource function for start-up

CCI Consultants are comfortable working with C-level executives on strategic initiatives and with leaders, associates and teams throughout the organization on all issues needing Human Resources guidance and perspective. CCI is a trusted partner able to provide the spectrum of Human Resource solutions while seamlessly integrating into your organization for maximum effectiveness. CCI will customize a solution to meet your company’s Human Resource and organizational objectives.