Career Concepts offers a broad range of programs that can be tailored to the individual needs of our client companies and their employees. Individual programs focus on the person and his or her experience and skills. We customize strategies which help achieve personal goals and aspirations quickly and efficiently.  Within each progam, our goal is help the individual attain his or her goals regardless of whether they are seeking traditional employment, entrepreneurship, consulting assignments, or retirement focused on charities and community.

The Senior Executive Program

The most senior members of a company’s leadership team have unique needs. They require robust, focused and highly specialized campaigns to meet their complex and high-level career requirements.

Our Senior Executive Program takes executive outplacement to its highest level.  This service pairs the outplaced executive with a Career Concepts Partner who will literally manage all facets of the employment search as long as necessary to secure a new opportunity.

This direct, proactive service is essential for the senior executive who must locate a new position consistent with prior career-pathing and reasonable expectations as quickly as possible.  It is equally appropriate for the executive who desires to evaluate and launch a new career along either traditional or entrepreneurial lines.


The Executive Program

This program focuses on executives with desire to use their drive, creativity and financial wherewithal to explore a myriad of opportunities. Researching and testing various paths, including both traditional and non-traditional options, are made more effective with the assistance of an experienced Senior Career Coach/Advisor who suggests and consults on a broad spectrum of options. As ideas take shape, the executive and the Senior Career Coach/Advisor formulate strategies and tactics to turn the idea into reality.


The Director / Manager Program

Directors and managers are key members of the leadership team. Oftentimes, their focus is to find work quickly, and commensurate with the responsibilities and compensation they recently received. Job search skills such as an accomplishment-driven resume or effective interviewing techniques may be lacking. The Career Concepts consultant works with the person to prepare him or her for the project of getting a job quickly. The result is achieved faster and more on point because of the experienced coaching and assistance the person receives.


The Professional Program

Professional employees offer skills and knowledge to the enterprise. Their skills may be highly technical such as programmers, chemists, attorneys or engineers, or their contribution may lie in executing complex projects or processes. Their needs are to find the right work environment in which they can thrive and succeed.

Our economy changes dramatically, so finding the same type of position is not always feasible. The work may have been automated, consolidated or sent off shore. Success in the job search process is a combination of flexibility, creativity and pragmatism. Career Concepts’ professionals work with the individual to bring our experience to bear. Alternatives are explored, opportunities identified, and the experiences of how others have fared guide the individual to his or her next work engagement. The professional achieves success more efficiently and effectively.


The Administrative Program

Administrative employees are very resilient, but may need to learn the basic processes involved in a job search. They may need assistance in packaging their skills or knowing where to look for their next job, such as using the internet. Administrative people may also need coaching on how to interview more effectively.

Career Concepts offers the tools necessary for a successful re-employment campaign. We work with the individual to understand his or her goals and needs, and provide the knowledge necessary to achieve them. We also can provide internet access and demonstrate how to use it to identify opportunities and quickly apply for them. The Career Concepts approach is results oriented and personalized to the individual.


The Virtual Program

Personalizing job search support takes into account the needs of the individual. An employee may feel that he or she does not need an office or the administrative support that is embedded in an in-office program.

For these individuals, Career Concepts offers a cost effective program that provides high levels of research and technology support in addition to the loan of a state-of-the-art computer. This allows the individual to work from home and conduct a job search in a personalized manner, while enjoying the full benefit of highly-personalized coaching support.