Strategy Alignment

Aligning talent strategy with business strategy

CCI’s comprehensive approach to the alignment of talent strategy with business strategy helps our clients respond to growth opportunities, facilitate succession planning, and improve overall performance.

We work with you to identify the organizational competencies and position-specific competencies required to meet your objectives. A thorough analysis identifies the competency gaps between the current state and desired state. Closing those gaps creates a roadmap for talent strategy.

Effective talent alignment strategy impacts the entire employment relationship: talent acquisition, talent development, compensation, and succession planning. With our collaborative partnership and coaching, clients navigate dynamic organizational change with focus and direction.

Sample Strategy Alignment Engagements

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Worried current talent can't execute strategy?

We’ll help you identify any gaps between current and desired competencies, then develop a plan to close the gaps. Call CCI about talent alignment at 1-800-214-7537 or 610-941-4455.