HR Best Practices

Providing answers on pay and HR best practices

CCI’s HR consultants work with C-level executives on strategic initiatives, and with leaders, associates and teams on all issues needing a human resources perspective. We provide the full spectrum of human resources solutions and will customize any solution to meet your company’s HR and organizational objectives.

Compensation Analysis

The strategic use of compensation helps organizations to better attract, motivate and retain employees. CCI provides the strategic design and management to optimize executive and employee pay and benefit programs.

We can conduct a compensation study to compare your organization with others in your industry of similar size. We use industry-leading compensation databases to ensure we deliver salary benchmarking, grades, and market pricing data that is directly relevant to your organization’s strategic compensation plan.

A compensation and/or benefits study can help you answer common questions, including:

  • “What do your employees make compared to the market?”
  • “Are all your managers compensated within a reasonable salary range for their expertise and experience?”
  • “How does your benefits package measure up relative to your competition for the same talent?”
  • “What are the main compensation drivers for your industry?”

Human Resources On-Call

CCI’s HR On-Call provides organizations of all sizes with direct access to HR consultants who have the expertise to quickly and accurately address questions and concerns.

Even the most experienced HR professionals occasionally face a question they need help to answer. Legal advice may be cost prohibitive and may not even be what is needed.

Small- and mid-sized organizations with limited or no internal HR expertise find that our team of senior HR consultants has the breadth and depth of experience to be an ideal resource. We understand the urgency of their questions, as well as the need to provide answers that translate jargon into clear, actionable language.

HR On-Call is an affordable and reliable service that provides thorough answers within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the complexity of the issue.

The types of questions we have answered include:

  • What do we do if an employee refuses to sign a handbook acknowledgement and/or crosses off the at-will statement?”
  • “Can we perform a background check on someone who has already been an employee for over three years?”
  • “We received an inquiry from the Department of Labor. One of our employees filed a complaint about not receiving overtime. What should we do?”

Want to be sure you are getting reliable guidance?

When you have HR questions, CCI’s HR experts have the right answers. Call CCI about HR best practices at 1-800-214-7537 or 610-941-4455.

Sample HR Best Practices Engagements

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