Executive Coaching

Coaching executives to build leadership capacity

Maximize business performance by developing leadership skills that are matched to the changing needs of the organization, role and situation. The role of leader is increasingly complex in today’s global environment of rapid change, mergers and acquisitions, customer demands, increased competitiveness, and tight budgets.


Our coaches combine extensive technical knowledge with practical, hands-on business experience gained in diverse industries. Our coaches stand apart because they have served in senior leadership roles, and hold credentials that are valued in the coaching profession and supported by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


We apply a proven and consistent coaching model to all engagements. Our executive coaching methodology is anchored in adult transformational learning and behavior theory, active learning, and guided practice. Our process focuses on aligning the presenting issues and coaching opportunities with the development of an action plan. Distinct outcomes and measurements of progress are established, communicated, and tracked throughout the engagement.

Need to build talent, but not sure how to do it?

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Customized Coaching Engagements

CCI tailors engagements to the client’s unique situation. We partner with stakeholders to identify a coaching plan that is outcomes focused and measurable. Types of coaching engagements include:

Designed for C-suite Leaders whose needs and development are both complex and diverse.

Designed to move beyond building awareness and action planning, and move into achieving business impact by building capacity and the resilience needed for the Leader to sustain success.

Designed to build awareness around strengths and developmental opportunities identified in the 360 assessment, create an action plan and coach to the plan.

For Sponsor/Organizations that hope to jump start the process. This engagement builds awareness around strengths and developmental opportunities, and the creation of an Individual Action Plan to be used after the completion of coaching.

This program can be added to any engagement. The purpose is to provide transition support to ensure the outcomes of coaching are sustained. Monthly face-to-face visits coupled with just-in-time telephone support are offered to help the Leader keep their eyes on long term success.