Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Guiding the exploration of self-employment

Many individuals at a career crossroad would like to explore the potential of being an entrepreneur. Whether starting a business, buying an existing business, or purchasing a franchise, being your own boss has a lot of appeal. CCI can help you begin your exploration into entrepreneurial opportunities.

CCI’s experienced coaches and unique proprietary system connect transitioning employees to information and education about self-employment, helping them to make an educated choice.

If you are eligible for career transition services and would like to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, contact CCI at 1-800-214-7537 to get started.

What the Entrepreneurial Program Entails

As a participant in the Entrepreneurial Opportunities Program, you will:

  • Self-assess your experiences and skills, allowing you to select business opportunities and partners that capitalize on your strengths and interests or to decide that self-employment may not be for you
  • Analyze your personal finances to ensure that you are financially able to successfully launch a business
  • Develop a business plan which details your business, your market, cash-flow, sales and marketing needs, and more
  • Create and implement a detailed sales and marketing plan
  • If necessary, find sources of financing

Are former employees future entrepreneurs?

Some of they may be. Employers who engage CCI to assist transitioning employees enable them to explore self-employment.  Call CCI about career transition services at 1-800-214-7537 or 610-941-4455.